How to start speaking for good performance in IELTS?

It is very important that you start speaking from now onwards if you are planning to appear in the IELTS examination. It will be very difficult for you to survive if you are not able to express yourself accurately during your IELTS examination. Moreover, you must understand that if you are not accurate in expressing yourself in an English speaking country, people will only make fun of you. Therefore it is very important that you speak English and you speak good English. As soon as you enter a good IELTS coaching centre in Delhi, they would ask you to speak in English only. This is one of the best practices to make the students learn English by removing their hesitation.

Speak with mistakes first

When you were a child and you are learning your native language or mother tongue, were you absolutely correct or fluent in it? Obviously not! Then why do you expect yourself to speak absolutely correct English when you are just a beginner in learning it. The very first step is to start speaking in front of a mentor and make sure that you continue speaking without any hesitation. This is very important because had you stop the speaking in your mother tongue in between, you might not have become absolutely correct and fluent it. Therefore learn to be comfortable with mistakes in the beginning in anything in life. IELTS coaching in Delhi

Focus on grammar

When you are on the way to learn English grammar, always remember that you start speaking the small sentences first. The sentences are of two types broadly. The first type of sentence is a compound sentence and the other type of sentence is a complex sentence. If you start speaking, with the help of compound sentences first and then you move to complex sentences after learning the conjunctions, then it will be easier for you to make the sentences without any errors. Take a topic to learn or to understand in Grammar and completely focus on it. Take numerous situations to make real-life sentences on it and express you.

Accent improvement

Last but not the least; you need to work a little on your accent improvement also. It is a misconception that the Indian people are not able to speak in good accent are they need to learn the natural accent only after living in a foreign country for many years. Pronunciation is actually of physical task which can be achieved with the help of some physical exercises. You need to do the exercises of your mouth. Many such exercises are available on YouTube also. Find the route today and start practicing them howsoever funny you look. Those exercises are absolutely perfect to make you fit for speaking the difficult sounds of British and American accents. Or else when you will join IELTS coaching in Delhi, they will make you do that in the class. You must not feel shy about it.

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