IELTS – General Training or Academic

I have been writing blogs to offer guidance to IELTS candidates in the form of free blogs. I get emails from those IELTS candidates who benefit out of my blogs. You, being an IELTS aspirant would be very much familiar with the fact that there are two types of IELTS exam –academic and general training, both of these are different in terms of purpose and the preparation level required. The difference is not there all the four tests. It is there just in two test – reading and writing. Hence there two separate tests in reading and writing – academic reading, general training reading, academic writing and general training writing. Listening and speaking are same for all the candidates.

You should know the difference between the difficulty levels of academic and general training tests. They are also different in term of, say, the length of the passages in reading tests.In academic reading, 3 reading passages are provided while in general training reading, there are 4-5 reading passages. Academic reading texts are more complicated and longer as compared to the general training reading.

Some IELTS candidates go wrong when it comes to making the right choice for the relevant IELTS module. There are a set of considerations that would be required here.If these considerations are not given, a wrong choice may also be made module and waste some considerable time. Students can also get an expert opinion with me and avoid making a wrong choice.

Academic module is opted by individuals who have plans to study abroad. On the other hand, the General Training module is opted by those individuals who have plans to work abroad. But this cannot be treated as the universal rule. This is a general criterion. And some candidates treat this general criterion as the final one and commit a mistake in choosing the right IELTS. One should make the choice related to type of IELTS exam based on thorough research. Also, a candidate may seek guidance from a subject matter expert. I would suggest those residing in Rohini Delhi to get in touch with the best IELTS coaching in Delhi. I know a couple of professionals who are experts of their field. They offer expert level guidance to the aspirants who want to study abroad or work abroad.

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