How to start speaking for good performance in IELTS?

It is very important that you start speaking from now onwards if you are planning to appear in the IELTS examination. It will be very difficult for you to survive if you are not able to express yourself accurately during your IELTS examination. Moreover, you must understand that if you are not accurate in expressing yourself in an English speaking country, people will only make fun of you. Therefore it is very important that you speak English and you speak good English. As soon as you enter a good IELTS coaching centre in Delhi, they would ask you to speak in English only. This is one of the best practices to make the students learn English by removing their hesitation.

Speak with mistakes first

When you were a child and you are learning your native language or mother tongue, were you absolutely correct or fluent in it? Obviously not! Then why do you expect yourself to speak absolutely correct English when you are just a beginner in learning it. The very first step is to start speaking in front of a mentor and make sure that you continue speaking without any hesitation. This is very important because had you stop the speaking in your mother tongue in between, you might not have become absolutely correct and fluent it. Therefore learn to be comfortable with mistakes in the beginning in anything in life. IELTS coaching in Delhi

Focus on grammar

When you are on the way to learn English grammar, always remember that you start speaking the small sentences first. The sentences are of two types broadly. The first type of sentence is a compound sentence and the other type of sentence is a complex sentence. If you start speaking, with the help of compound sentences first and then you move to complex sentences after learning the conjunctions, then it will be easier for you to make the sentences without any errors. Take a topic to learn or to understand in Grammar and completely focus on it. Take numerous situations to make real-life sentences on it and express you.

Accent improvement

Last but not the least; you need to work a little on your accent improvement also. It is a misconception that the Indian people are not able to speak in good accent are they need to learn the natural accent only after living in a foreign country for many years. Pronunciation is actually of physical task which can be achieved with the help of some physical exercises. You need to do the exercises of your mouth. Many such exercises are available on YouTube also. Find the route today and start practicing them howsoever funny you look. Those exercises are absolutely perfect to make you fit for speaking the difficult sounds of British and American accents. Or else when you will join IELTS coaching in Delhi, they will make you do that in the class. You must not feel shy about it.

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Is IELTS examination fair and qualitative?

IELTS is an examination that is considered fair by the whole world whether they are individuals or organisations. It is the responsibility of the test organizers to keep it fair and qualitative. They maintain a very high quality and reliability. If you are going to consider any IELTS coaching institute in Dwarka, they will take you in confidence that the examination is respected and regarded all over the world and the scores are absolutely genuine. Therefore take the preparations very seriously and perform in the class as and when you are trainer wants you to.

Fair to all

The organizers of the highest test make sure that that it’s test for all the purposes remain completely fare to all the test takers from the world. The test takers can belong to any nationality, gender, cultural background, etc. We can also be the candidates with some special needs. We provide the accurate and valid assessment of all the four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The complete focus is on non-discrimination policy. The questions asked are of common level for all.

Checking verbal communication

Their focus is on checking the practicality of the communication of the language that the people are you able to speak. They do not check the knowledge of grammar or vocabulary. Only focus on your capability of expressing yourself accurately. But yes it calls for some command over grammatical knowledge because if you change the helping verbs or main verbs or any other grammatical concept, you may end up conveying something else that you do not want to. Jaipur watch more and more movies and learn to speak more. IELTS Coaching in Delhi

Academic and nonacademic both

There are two versions that test takers can choose from: academic and nonacademic. The academic one is a version that includes reading, writing, listening and speaking. The nonacademic version is IELTS life skills. It is meant only for the people who want to decide over there and do not want to be perfect. They must be capable of listening and speaking in English so that they can be understood in order to survive in a foreign country.

Objective questions and objective approach

The invigilators follow the objective approach towards asking the questions from all the candidates. They ask questions of similar level to all the applications. Generally there is no pattern fixed in the cross questions. The pattern is fixed in the three rounds in which the first round is of introduction and so on. The investigators treat everyone equally whether they are dealing with the students for professionals or their family members.

Recognition of major accents

The invigilators of IELTS examination do recognize and give a good score to the native speakers of English language that includes American accent and British accent both. So you do not need to worry. You can have command over any of the accents and can appear in front of the invigilator for your speaking test. This is how, it is understood that the ions examination is absolutely qualitative and fair. This is also going to be clearly mentioned by IELTS coaching centre in Delhi.

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Planning to go to Australia by giving IELTS!

Are you planning to go to Australia by giving IELTS examination? Here are the details that you are looking for. The very first step is to get in touch with an IELTS coaching in Delhi. The coaching institute will help you with the counseling first of all. Then you will be directed to a country based counselor. The counselor will be a specialist in knowing all the formalities that are required to get ready to go to any country particularly. Therefore the very first question that would be asked to you would be which country you are planning to go to. Therefore you must think about the name of the country that you are planning to get settled in or study from. If you have decided to get settled in Australia. Please read further.

IELTS examination

It is very easy to go to Australia by tracking IELTS examination. Australia is a very nice country. Giving IELTS examination is very important to get the visa approved. The certificate of IELTS examination is highly respected in Australia. The certificate of IRC examination is of high importance among the employers, educational entities and professional organizations across Australia. Please be informed that all the colleges and Universities in Australia give a green signal to IELTS certificate and consider you positively for admission also. IELTS Coaching in Delhi

The needed scores

The scores in the IELTS examination that are needed depend upon the type of visa you are replying for and also the organization where you are applying for the job. If you are applying for the purpose of migration then you need to give general training.

Computer delivered IELTS

You can give IELTS examination online or offline. There are 20 countries in the world where IELTS examination can be given online. India is one of them. Please note that tests for reading, writing and listening sections are carried out with the help of a computer. However, the speaking test is taken face to face by an invigilator.

Giving test in Australia

It is a mandatory part of some of the companies in Australia that everyone wants to apply for a job in their company needs to score well in IELTS examination. In case you r a native speaker or you have already given IELTS examination once from your home country, please do not get overconfident and prepare for it well. You may join the best IELTS coaching in Delhi. There are more than 50 centers to give IELTS examination in Australia. The test in Australia takes place on every Saturday or Thursday. It means that it takes place at least 4 times per month. If we calculate it for the year, it happens to be 48 times every year. The test dates that are available for you to give the examination are already available for the entire year. You only need to register yourself and choose them.

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Prepare well before you start preparing official for IELTS

Generally we start preparing for an examination after taking admission in it or after you have made your mind to give the examination. How about preparing for IELTS examination, before you officially start preparing for it after joining any coaching institute! It is so because the skills that are tested in this examination are very basic and common ones. IELTS test checks you on reading writing listening and speaking. Your IELTS coaching in West Delhi will help you with the official coaching but let me help you with your informal preparation.

Watching the news

You must start watching the news as soon as possible. You can start watching the news of Bollywood. You may also start reading the news of Bollywood section. It is so because it may be difficult for you in the very beginning to establish concentration to watch difficult news items and specially read the editorial section. Once you develop the habit of watching the news for reading the news, you may continue reading the business section, editorial section and many other important news articles. Give me also watch debate sessions on news channels.

Reading the magazines

Understanding the language of magazines is pretty difficult. There are different kinds of articles in the magazines. Even if you understand the small portion written for the article, you may need to read it two to three times. The language written in the magazines is very complex and formal. If you can put some effort and understand that kind of language, it will be wonderful. If you can put some more language and speak that kind of language, it will be super wonderful. IELTS coaching in Delhi

The hobby of writing

You must start writing with a diary. Do not write the typical daily routine of waking up and brushing your teeth. You must write all the special incidences that took place in your life every day. We all have something to share everyday with our Moms. If you do not sure that thing with our Mon, we share it with our siblings or friends. But we definitely share something or the other thing with someone on the other one. What if you develop the habit of writing them? It will help you heal also emotionally in case any problem occurs with any near and dear ones.

Speaking activities

You must keep speaking in English throughout the day. If you are not able to get someone who understands English so please does not give excuses. You may speak in English by giving yourself the topics of extempore. You can give two minute speech on anything that you can see. You can talk about a pen, yourself, fashion, proverb, idiom, etc and express your opinion about it. It will help you become opinioned and shape your personality. If you are at best IELTS coaching in Delhi, you will be able to do these activities effortlessly. You will not be taking any kind of tension before the examination or preparation.

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How to prepare for IELTS examination?

Studying abroad is a dream for many students and their parents. They try their best for it throughout the academic career. Those who have their determination with respect to studying abroad, are extra dedicated towards their studies and conscious about their performance. There are many important points that you need to understand before you start preparing for IELTS. The very first step that you need to take is joining an IELTS coaching in Delhi. When you are going to join the coaching, you will be given all the important details and you will be one step ahead in pursuing your dream. Now let us discuss about the other important tips that you need to prepare for it all in case you are not able to join any coaching then how should you prepare for it.

Keep reading

It is a good idea that you keep reading some or the other thing almost every day in your daily life. It will help you a lot in the examination because this is one of the parameters you are tested on. With the help of reading, the rules of grammar automatically learned by your subconscious mind and you do not need to put as much effort as a student who does not read, needs to put. Your grasping power becomes very good and you will require less time to solve the passages in your reading test in the examination. You keep preparing for your examination if you keep reading before even joining the coaching.

Keep listening to English

You are generation ‘Y’. You love watching English movies and listening to songs. How about listening to songs and watching movies in English! You may not understand them in the beginning but later on you will start understanding the accent and the words. It will also help you find out the meanings of the words that you find new. It will make you familiar with foreign accent. Listening alone is even sufficient to make a student or a person learn any language in the world. Think about your mother tongue or native language. How are you able to speak it when you were a child? You only heard it. Isn’t it? So this is the power of listening that can make a dumb child speak it and eventually become perfect in it. If you want to practice it while being an adult, don’t you think it is the yellow brick road to studying abroad!

Keep writing

You must start diary writing as soon as possible. It will help you in two ways. The first way is going to be directly related to your IELTS examination because writing is one of the tests that have the weight of 10 band score. It will ensure that you do not commit errors in writing because when you learn English at your coaching or with the help of any grammar book, you will have different points of learning in your mind and you can instantly apply them in your diary writing. You can be smart enough to make some sentences by utilizing the structures of grammar that you learn in the class and note them down in your diary. This will give you the confidence that you can make the sentences on what you have learnt.

Keep speaking English

You need to get rid of hesitation. You must apply whatever you learn in English. By applying, you must understand that you need to use it in your practical life while speaking to your friends and acquaintances. If you learn so many things and you do not apply them in your real life, there is no point of learning English or any other language. If you do not have confidence, then please join IELTS coaching in west Delhi.

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IELTS – General Training or Academic

I have been writing blogs to offer guidance to IELTS candidates in the form of free blogs. I get emails from those IELTS candidates who benefit out of my blogs. You, being an IELTS aspirant would be very much familiar with the fact that there are two types of IELTS exam –academic and general training, both of these are different in terms of purpose and the preparation level required. The difference is not there all the four tests. It is there just in two test – reading and writing. Hence there two separate tests in reading and writing – academic reading, general training reading, academic writing and general training writing. Listening and speaking are same for all the candidates.

You should know the difference between the difficulty levels of academic and general training tests. They are also different in term of, say, the length of the passages in reading tests.In academic reading, 3 reading passages are provided while in general training reading, there are 4-5 reading passages. Academic reading texts are more complicated and longer as compared to the general training reading.

Some IELTS candidates go wrong when it comes to making the right choice for the relevant IELTS module. There are a set of considerations that would be required here.If these considerations are not given, a wrong choice may also be made module and waste some considerable time. Students can also get an expert opinion with me and avoid making a wrong choice.

Academic module is opted by individuals who have plans to study abroad. On the other hand, the General Training module is opted by those individuals who have plans to work abroad. But this cannot be treated as the universal rule. This is a general criterion. And some candidates treat this general criterion as the final one and commit a mistake in choosing the right IELTS. One should make the choice related to type of IELTS exam based on thorough research. Also, a candidate may seek guidance from a subject matter expert. I would suggest those residing in Rohini Delhi to get in touch with the best IELTS coaching in Delhi. I know a couple of professionals who are experts of their field. They offer expert level guidance to the aspirants who want to study abroad or work abroad.

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How can I overcome external barriers to develop fluency for IELTS?

In this special series of blogs on building fluency for IELTS,I have previously written on the four fluencies required in IELTS. As customarily understood, people identify the term fluency only with speaking fluency.But in this series of blogs I broke these myths and established that fluency is not a phenomenon just meant for speaking. It is also required for other modules of IELTS – reading, writing and listening. Since you are reading this blog, it indicates that you are an IELTS aspirant and want to achieve a high band score in IELTS. it is recommended to read this entire series of blogs.

We have discussed the basics of speaking, reading,writing and listening fluencies, their barriers and ways to combat these barriers. Please read the blogs titled How can I develop speaking fluency to score high in IELTS – Part I to read about hesitation and fear related barriers; how can I develop speaking fluency to score high in IELTS – Part II to read about the barriers related to fillers, repetition and mistake correction; How can I develop reading fluency to score high in IELTS to read about reading fluency barriers and ways to overcome; How can I develop writing fluency to score high in IELTS to read about writing fluency barriers and ways to overcome; How can I develop listening fluency to score high in IELTS to read about the listening fluencies.

Let’s discuss the external barriers now. These are of two types – gross and subtle. There are some gross external barriers. The gross barriers may come in the form of friends, siblings, street hawkers shouting etc. Say your friends come to your home and insist for a movie. Or your siblings are watching TV while you are studying. The honking in the streets, street hawkers shouting, playing kids at home etc. All these are also external barriers. These barriers are recognized easily by the candidates.

There are some subtle external barriers. You are sitting in a quiet room and your phone screen blinks. There is a message notification and you open the message and respond to it.You may think that it would take less than a minute and I will take one extra minute to complete the test. But what you need to understand is that it has taken a larger mind share. Then there are many such activities which act as subtle barriers.

I highly recommend you to the best IELTS coaching institute in Dwarka to learn to overcome all these external barriers. You would surely find an IELTS friendly atmosphere there where you can study, practice and take mock tests.

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How can I develop reading fluency to score high in IELTS?

In this series of blogs on building fluency for IELTS,we started discussion on the basics of speaking fluency, its barriers and ways to overcome it. Please read the blogs titled How can I develop speaking fluency to score high in IELTS? Part I. to read about hesitation and fear related barriers and How can I develop speaking fluency to score high in IELTS? Part II to read about the barriers related to fillers, repetition and mistake correction.

In this blog, our focus will be on reading fluency. As mentioned earlier, this fluency has not been explored much. Not many experts write on this.Let’s understand the basics, the barriers and the ways to overcome reading fluency.

Simply speaking fluent reading means reading without interruptions. Interruptions may be internal or external. I will write a separate blog on external interruptions.Internal interruptions are skill-based and hence it is more difficult to overcome them.

One of the biggest barriers in reading is use of dictionary during reading. What? Are you kidding me? Dictionary is the best friend for a reader. You must have gone crazy! These are some common responses when I tell IELTS aspirants about this barrier.

Let’s explore it further. Let’s do a simple observation-based activity. You should observe a fluent reader for this purpose. You can visit the best IELTS coaching institute in Dwarka where you will easily find many fluent readers. With the permission of the staff there, you can meet some good and fluent readers.Now observe them reading. You would find that they turn the pages very quickly. Prima-facie you may feel that they are pretending to read fast. The slow readers generally think that how can someone understand the meaning of all words without checking the meaning of difficult words in the book/paragraph. Does he know meaning of all the difficult words.

These questions are natural to a slow reader because they haven’t yet developed an important skill. Being able to manage to make out the contextual meaning of the words without referring to a dictionary while reading is a skill that all the IELTS aspirants must develop.Being able to make out the correct or near meaning of a difficult word by just reading in a careful and focused way. Halting the reading process would result in loss of interest.

In our upcoming blogs we will talk about other fluencies viz. writing and listening, required for IELST in detail and understand how to develop them.

IELTS Coaching in West Delhi

Everybody wishes to find a high score in the IELTS examination at a future that is better. A lot of men and women pass the IELTS test for unique functions, to fulfill those aspirations. According to figures, most Indians don’t receive high scores. This Is Most Likely because of the fact that they dismiss the significance of getting the IELTS degree lessons, this is one of the reason you want a IELTS training institute at Dwarka

What’s IELTS?

IELTS stands for “International English Language Assessment System”. It’s a standardized and recognized English language test, split into elements of writing, studying, listening and talking. Academic institutions in South Africa, Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Ireland accept that as a measure of English language understanding. It’s also a requirement for moving to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. This is definitely the most common exam for immigration and college registration.

How Can IELTS Coaching Class Differ From ESL Courses?

IELTS training class isn’t an English language course. If you speak, still can’t read or write in English, IELTS training can help you a lot. IELTS training class is for men and women who have some language abilities to acquire a score in the IELTS examination by providing them with strategies and techniques to secure outcomes.

Do You Want The IELTS Coaching Class?

Training is not necessary before placing the IELTS test. When you would like to acquire the greatest evaluation, it is beneficial. Based upon the reason for taking the IELTS examination, IELTS coaching institute in Dwarka can make a difference to receive a group rating which permits you to acquire a visa to the country in which you need to emigrate or enroll in a school or college that wishes to research.

Benefits and Importance of IELTS Training Dwarka

It’s beneficial to utilize professionals that will benefit from aid. Having a high score, we also have explained of engaging in such classes, other characteristics. These are:

Better Awareness of English

With teachers, your abilities will be improved in several areas of writing, reading, listening, and talking. Irrespective of the purpose, you will learn the specific language evaluation within this region. The IELTS Coaching Dwarka permits you to master the four regions.

Learning Material

Learning material is essential during prep. Perfect English and Pupils don’t need to understand, they could not do it. IELTS Coaching in Dwarka provides quite special study material for studying. They are not able to meet to give you a fantastic IELTS score but enhance your English.

Regular Exercise

Nobody can enhance without training that is systematic. Your language skills will continue to improve with exercise. Courses can allow you to attain high scores. Your homework will concentrate on practice in the event that you attend the weekend decorations.

The Doubts Are Clarified

Having teachers accessible you want to describe your doubts is just another advantage of joining IELTS Coaching Dwarka. We’re frequently in a state of confusion As soon as we begin learning new items. It’s much better to get a hand to squander a good deal of time.

Are You Seeking Best IELTS Coaching in West Delhi?

Professional Evaluation of Your Planning

When classroom victory is estimated by educators, they could make a report. It can help you also to secure outcomes and also to do if necessary.


Training courses give an atmosphere acceptable for research and pupil learning. Additionally, it helps pupils interact with ones that are minded. You can find a view which you cannot know by talking topics and test tendencies.

Motivated Several Times As a student, you’re likely to postpone your research. Studies will not be completed by you before the moment with clear targets and aims to accomplish. Launched in IELTS training Centre provides you with a very clear motive for analyzing and productive work.

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